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You Don’t Need a College Degree to Earn Six Figures

Learn a high-paying trade at our adult training academy in Mountain Home, ID

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Providing More Career Opportunities for Adults Since 1996

Learn about our adult training academy in Mountain Home, ID

Just because you don’t have a college education doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck in low-paying jobs your whole life. Take your first step toward a high-paying, opportunity-filled career by coming to Mountain Home Adult Training Academy.

Our proprietary school in Mountain Home, ID allows working adults to develop the skills required to do manual labor and specialty tasks. Contact us today to learn more.

Where academia meets the real world

At Mountain Home Adult Training Academy, you won’t sit in a classroom the whole time. You’ll also receive hands-on training or participate in experimental learning.

Every program we offer combines theory with application. Explore our website to learn more about our.

  • Accelerated apprenticeship programs: Carpenter | Electrician | HVAC technician | Iron worker | Millwright | Pipe fitter | Plumber | Welder
  • Industry safety training programs: General workplace safety | Hazardous environment training | OSHA training | Safety analysis and design | Skilled trade safety training
  • Corporate training programs: Leadership academy | Microsoft Office training | Professional development courses
  • Technical programs: Carpenter helper | Industrial technologist | Mechanical helper | Nuclear technologist | Radiological control technologist | Welder helper

Please be aware that we require a high school diploma or GED for admission into some of these programs.


Courses that fit your busy schedule

You don’t have to quit your day job in order to attend our proprietary school in Mountain Home, ID. Our night courses are a convenient option for parents, working adults and other students who can’t participate during the day.

Some programs can be completed in as little as four weeks. Contact us today to enroll in an accelerated program.