Kickstart Your Career

Enroll in an accelerated apprenticeship program in Mountain Home, ID

It’s never too late to switch careers. At Mountain Home Adult Training Academy, you can enroll in an accelerated apprenticeship program for six months at a time. If you have relevant skills, you may be able to complete your apprenticeship program quicker than expected.

You must have completed high school or earned your GED to qualify. You must also complete an evaluation interview in Mountain Home, ID before you can enroll.

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You could switch careers within 4 years

Most Trades require on-the-job training (OJT) and related training instruction (RTI). Here are the requirements for…

  • Carpenters, electricians, HVAC technicians, millwrights, pipe fitters and plumbers: 4 years | 8,000 OJT hours | 640 RTI hours
  •  Iron workers: 3 years | 6,000 OJT hours | 480 RTI hours
  •  Welders: 2 years | 4,000 OJT hours | 320 RTI hours

Laborers, who will be doing general manual tasks, can complete 4,000 OJT hours, some of which can be used to learn up to four trades. This accelerated apprenticeship program also requires 160 RTI hours a for two years.

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